Process modeling


International Summer School of the Faculty of Management

Language: English 

Format:  5-day course of online lectures and exercises, 5-day exercises and practical training in laboratory

Date: 3rd - 14th July 2023

Duration: 2 weeks (80h - teaching hours: 40h online and 40h onsite - Faculty of Management WUT)

Credits: 5 ECTS 

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Scope of the classes

As part of the International Summer School of the Faculty of Management, entitled "Process modeling", we offer people who would like to learn, the basics of modeling and improving processes in an enterprise. The programme of the summer school is dedicated mainly to foreign students of the first degree, second degree or PhD studies. Polish students can also take part in the summer school. It will be an opportunity for the students to increase their competencies in the selected scientific area and obtain new practical knowledge. 

During the summer school, participants will take part in classes that will allow them to acquire knowledge and skills in such issues as business process management, business process modeling workshop, logistics management, evaluation enterprise effectiveness, modern management methods, and concepts in process improvement with particular use of creative problem-solving methods. A series of subjects will be presented, which will show how to analyze processes in the enterprise and how to make improvements in the enterprises. The modules presenting the idea of the process approach will be an introduction to the whole cycle.  

In addition, during the course, participants will be introduced to the use of FlexSim and IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced in terms of acquiring practical modeling skills and process improvement. The acquired knowledge and skills during the summer school will allow its participants in the future to independently model business, production and logistics processes, and to make improvements and analyze them, taking into account the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. Furthermore, they will learn about creative methods for identifying and searching solutions to improve processes. In the scope of the classes on effectiveness assessment, participants will acquire knowledge and practical skills in the use of indicators of effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of the enterprise, allowing to assess the validity of the implementation of the proposed solutions to improve processes in the enterprise. 

Classes will be organized online (1 lecture-training week) and stationary (1 training-laboratory week). The classes will be conducted by academic teachers of the Faculty of Management. The first modules to be implemented will be typically exercises and lectures. The next classes will concern the modeling business, production, and logistics processes will take place in the laboratory with the use of dedicated programs. 80 teaching hours are planned, including elements popularizing Polish culture and science in Poland. The detailed summer school program is provided in table 1. 

Programme of the International Summer School of the Faculty of Management - Process modeling:

No.  Course name  Time [h]  ECTS 
Business Process Management  10 
Business Process Modeling Workshop  15 
Logistics Management  15 
Evaluation of efficiency in the enterprise  15 
Modeling of Production Processes 
Modern management methods and concepts in process improvement  15 
Popularization of Polish culture and education in Poland 
The sum of hours completed as part of a remote or hybrid course: 80 


Brief description of the topics of the classes is here.

The International Summer School of the Faculty of Management - Process modeling will be implemented in Summer 2023. After completing the course, each participant will receive a summer school graduation certificate from the Faculty of Management. The summer school programme has been prepared in such a way as to enable students to achieve 5 ECTS. 

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